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Intro to WL - 4 week program

Intro to WL - 4 week program

This program has been designed by Izzy & Kyle to get the mobility requirements down pat to learn weightlifting as a complete beginner. If you are intrigued to learn weightlifting, but don’t know where to start – this is the program for you! Not only will you get more flexible, you will also get stronger – and you’ll pickup the Snatch & Clean / Jerk way faster. We’ve had many requests for this program to be released, mainly from powerlifters who want to try weightlifting but think they lack the mobility, people on Tik Tok who see us snatch & clean and jerk heavy and don’t know where to start, as well as novices who want to nail the fundamentals before putting heavy weights overhead. This program has been tried & tested – and the results speak for themselves.



- 4 week program

- complete exercise library

- cues for exercises


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