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Phone: 0409 370 544

*we do NOT call or respond to phone calls. Email us for any queries. 

All pricing for our services is here - . Just a reminder from 11/09/23 - all new clients will pay for 4 weeks upfront before receiving their program (this will count towards their 15 week minimum commitment). 

NOTE -  we no longer deal with the gym: for all open gym membership / quieries contact Breakthrough Fitness . Please check spam folder 24 hours after submitting. 

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Type of Service
Do you want to COMPETE in Weightlifting?

Thanks for submitting!

Note - We respond within 24 hours. Please be as detailed as possible. We specialise in Olympic Weightlifting = Snatch + Clean & Jerk but also work with gen pop clients. We also work with clients who want to get stronger with compound lifts such as squats, so please just be specific in your training goals on the contact form. 

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