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'Izzy, I can't train - I've got my periods' - a common message I get from clients looking to cancel their session & sleep in. Your menstrual cycle is not a ticket to ride off your training regime, & there are ways to overcome the pain & discomfort & still train!

If you stop training every week of the month (7 x 12) = that equates to 84 days of the year you aren't exercising!

Sure, your first couple of days may be HEAVY, so here are some ways to overcome this & still train

💪 High Rep Strength Training - lower the percentage of the load & instead work on form & quality repetitions. This is also a great way to burn body fat. Do 5 sets of 8 squats @ 70% of your 1RM with 2 mins rest & you'll be feeling it.

💪 Avoid Jumping & vigorous movements - Work around your period! If your flow is not budging, avoid movements like box jumps & plyometrics, we don't want any bloody accidents!

💪 WALK! It's the bare minimum - Just do something! A 30 minute walk everyday of your period at a moderate pace will leave you feeling better, burn some extra cals & help you stick to an exercise routine

There are a multitude of benefits of training during shark week including

🏃 Alleviated Period Symptoms - Moodiness, Tiredness & headaches are all improved through exercise during your period.

🏃 Better Quality of Sleep - Ever struggle to sleep during the night because of aching cramps? Exercise helps relax muscles that have been used & reduces menstrual migranes.

🏃 Hormonal benefits - Exercise helps release endorphins, a hormone that leaves you feeling happy & satisfied - by tapping into that hormone, we help reduce stress, anger & anxiety! WIN, WIN.

SUMMARY - Stop using your periods as an excuse to take a workout vacation & binge on Maltesers! I've hit many PB's on my periods - I snatched 90kg for the first time on the first day of my period - so how's that.

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Izzy x

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