Isabel is the #1 ranked Australian Weightlifter in the 76kg Weight Class. She currently holds the Australian Snatch and Total Record.


Isabel is the Head Programmer and Online Coach for Uplift Gym. She has a Bachelors Degree in Health Science and Physical Education. She is a Weightlifting technician and applies this attitude to all of her athletes. 



- Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science (2021) 

- National Record Holder 76kg Class

- National Record Holder Total and Snatch 71kg Class Juniors

- AWF Level 1 Coach 

- ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning

- Unofficial Commonwealth Record Snatch

- Certificate III / IV Fitness


Kyle Bruce is currently the #1 ranked Australian Weightlifter across all weight classes. He holds all of the 89kg class National Records. 


Kyle is the Head Weightlifting Coach for Uplift Gym. He is one of the best gee ups in Australia and with his energy you can't help but hit Personal Records. He can squat over 270kg & is a strong and technically sound lifter.



- 400 Sinclair in Competition

- #1 Weightlifter in Australia 2021 *currently

- National Record Holder both 81 and 89kg class

- AWF Level 1 Coach

- Certificate III / IV in Fitness 



My name is Jae Daly, I had been doing CrossFit for 5 years and always loved the weightlifting side of it. I am now training Olympic Weightlifting full time to compete. I love teaching and supporting others to become strong and fit.


I have coached Group and 1:1 Crossfit Based sessions in Lithgow the past few years whilst undertaking my PT studies. I have an attention to technique and acquiring new skills, such as pullups, muscle ups and handstands. 

With all my PT clients I offer customised programming, regular check ins and video analysis to ensure they are getting an extremely valuable service. 



- Australian JNR National Champ 76kg 2021

- Australian JNR National Record Holder 76kg

- CrossFit Level 1

- Certificate III / IV in Fitness 



My name is Nina Elton, I have been training since I was 16 years old lifting weights. I’ve been involved in a variety of team based sports. 

This is important to me as I have struggled for a while with my own body image and self-esteem issues. I have managed to turn my life around by shifting my focus away from what I see on the scale and into being a healthier, stronger version of myself.

Now I am ready to start helping others on their Journey.  Whether you’re new or experienced, wanting to transform your body or become stronger, I have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


- Certificate III / IV Fitness

- Trigger Point Course

- AWF Level 1 Coaching Course