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We help individuals become competent in Olympic Weightlifting, find a sport they love for LIFE and join a community of like minded & energetic individuals.

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Personal Training

With over 10 years of industry experience in the fitness industry between our two Head Coaches specifically working with Weightlifting and Strength Training, we offer a premium space and environment for individuals looking to get stronger, become more technical in their Olympic Lifts and improve their training knowledge. 


Our Face to Face Coaching is suited towards beginners and intermediate athletes who need more confidence with their technique and training style. A 60 minute Face to Face session usually entails going through key technique - ensuring the athlete is moving efficiently and feeling accounted for. We offer these only from our private studio in Lidcombe, NSW. 

Online Coaching

Our online coaching service is a premium service to get our athletes feeling technically proficient, confident and accountable. This is designed for athletes who are intermediate to advanced and cannot commit to Personal Coaching due to geographical location or work commitments.

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Weightlifting Club

Our newest addition to Uplift Gym - Weightlifting Club. We are a NSWWA and AWF sanctioned club - meaning athletes can register under Uplift Weightlifting Club and compete at a local and national level. We opened our new space in May 2021 and are delighted to share it with Weightlifters of Western Sydney. This area is decked with high quality weightlifting equipment for the novice weightlifter to the aspiring Olympian. 

About Us

Uplift Gym is co-owned by Australian Weightlifting Representatives, Isabel Lorenzi and Kyle Bruce. We both got into Olympic Weightlifting when we were young accidentally and have been hooked since. Our mission is to bring the Sport out of the dark ages and help people enjoy this amazing sport! We are both qualified strength coaches and love to equip our clients with knowledge and technical advice to help them enjoy strength training for a lifetime. We also have other Personal Trainers working under the Uplift Gym banner that can help you achieve your training goal!


We know how difficult it is to find a gym which is welcoming and still has great coaching. We have been mentored by some of Australia’s best weightlifting coaches and added a new school feeling to ensure we keep up with the times! Our gym is made to be accessible and welcoming for all.

Uplift Gym Trainers
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8 Week Online Project

8 weeks Upfront of Online Coaching to see if Online Coaching works for you. Only available for new clientele. Available worldwide.


Squats & Pulls Ebook

4 Week Percentage Based Program to get your Weightlifting Strength Up. Available Worldwide.


Weighted Squat


Best investment I made when I returned to training in recent months - the team are highly experienced and fun to work with - Izzy is an elite athlete and in a class of her own - I have absolute respect and appreciation for her knowledge and coaching style, she has helped me immensely along my transformation journey, working through all my insecurities and physical limitations - I have grown confident doing solo sessions at the gym and using weights etc following her programs, and she has been very accommodating providing constant feedback to improve my techniques etc. As a whole, the Uplift crew are a great team to be a part of!

- Jana

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