My name is Isabel Lorenzi, and I am a 20 year old Personal Trainer, Australian Record Holder in Olympic Weightlifting & lover of all things health and fitness. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 14 years old & have experienced the amazing results of changing my body composition & becoming more confident in myself. 


I created Uplift after becoming annoyed by the bullshit that is the fitness industry – diet pills, tea detoxes, water fasts to lose weight. I want to educate & uplift individuals to become healthy and strong, the right way – eating to perform & training to their bodies capabilities. I also work with my clients to help them achieve their best version of themselves, mentally, physically & emotionally.


As a growing girl in a world of Instagram models & fake booties, I once succumbed to low confidence and self esteem, starving & depriving my body of the nutrients & training it needed. I never want to see that happen to anyone again, & I practice sustainability and becoming independent in your own training, so you can eventually exercise without me screaming in your ear!


I’ve been very successful in helping my clients achieve amazing results, I’ve had girls going from barely squatting the bar to squatting double bodyweight, clients who haven’t exercised in years training 5 x a week, girls who have never swam at the beach without long sleeve to wearing a bikini with confidence!


If you’re wanting to achieve your health & fitness goals, I have the knowledge & passion to help make this possible.



- Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
- Bachelor of Physical Activity/Health Science (in Progress)
- Strength & Conditioning Level 1 ASCA
- First Aid/CPR
- Boxing Skills Level 1 ACE
- Multiple Australian Representative Weightlifter
- Australian Junior & Senior Record Holder in Weightlifting